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Pumpkin patch

We (I?) love Butler’s Orchard. Pumpkins, cider, apple pie, fresh fruits and vegetables … and this year lots of mud and rain. Riley and Daisy thought that was perfect.


20 weeks, five days


Today, we could have found out if you were a boy or a girl, but we decided not to. Turns out you didn’t want to tell us anyway.

20 weeks!

How did it get to be halfway already?!? Ack!!!

(Clearly, Riley is also looking forward to March.)

Joann’s list

The sheer amount of baby stuff out there can be pretty overwhelming. So I asked my good friend Joann, whose little Theo arrived at only 28 weeks, surprising his parents and everyone around him, for the things she found to be indispensable. (You can read a sweet recap from Theo’s Dad here on his abrupt arrival.) Below, in 10 bite size pieces that feel manageable, is where I will be starting. Thanks, Joann!


Joann’s top 10 baby things she CANNOT live without.

10) Snoogle- this was pre-baby. It will wrap under your head, down your back to keep you from rolling onto your back and give you support and then through your legs to keep your knees apart for your spine and then lastly up and under your belly to prop that sucker up. LOVE!

9) Swaddle Me/ Miracle  Blanket- we used Swaddle Me’s but I’ve heard nothing but good things about miracle blankets, too. Swaddling works wonders. My motto was : “Never underestimate the power of the swaddle”

8) Sleep Sacks (these even come in sleep sack swaddles for the early weeks, so you can swaddle at the same time).- great for keeping a ‘blanket’ on baby yet easily accessible for diaper changes. Get the actual HALO ones, since they zip down, so it’s easier for 3 am diaper changes.

7) Breatheable Bumpers – they give you the same protection from slamming into the bars and/or getting hands/limbs through, while still allowing them to breathe if they are anything like Theo and SHOVE their face into it in the middle of the night. (we got the brown one with an espresso crib so it blends very nicely)

6) Formula pitcher – make a big batch, then pour into bottles so they’re ready, set to go when baby screams.

(also this

5) Bottles. Here’s the thing. All babies are different and Theo needed standard sized bottles cause that’s what he learned to eat on. However, I can say this. I LOOOOOVE the Playtex VentAire CRYSTAL clear ones. (Not, I repeat, NOT the pastel ones- those leak). They are just like the are when we bought them. Absolutely love them and less parts to clean than Dr. Browns.

4) Bottle warmer- if theo’s room wasn’t in front of the kitchen for the first few weeks home, I would have used this sooner. But it’s great. It warms the bottle and can hold two bottles at night as well for the 3 am feedings. No need to stumble into the kitchen to prep and warm a bottle.

3) Boppy Bouncer/Vibrating chair – mine is a tan neutral color I got off of eBay. Theo LOVES this. It really just cradles him in there and it has a ‘womb’ sound setting. It was magic.

2) Angel Care Monitor Deluxe (deluxe matters) – it’s a regular sound monitor but will also monitor if the baby stop breathing in the middle of the night. Also gives you temp in the baby’s room since a room 68 degrees or less is a risk reducer for SIDS. We love ours.

1) Stroller- I ADORE my UppaBaby Stroller. I wish I would have done more research at the beginning. The price tag is TOTALLY worth it. I love that he can be facing me or facing out and the bassinet and the toddler seat are great. I liked it better than the Bugaboo. The bassinet will lay flat on the ground so it’s great for travel to take in and have it be a little bed for the little one without having to haul the Pack n Play.

Game on

Most of our friends took the baby news pretty well. Others, well, are slightly more competitive, like our good friend Andrew who sent out the note below post-birthday bash. (And yes, it may be an exaggeration but he did just complete his second Ironman.)


Everyone – can’t possibly thank you enough for making it out for my birthday. It was wicked awesome to see all of you.

Naturally, I feel completely spoiled by having friends like all of you and come to think of it, it has seemed like I’m getting a lot of attention lately. That is, until Mel and Anson announced they were having a baby! News of Mel and Anson’s baby on the way naturally sparked my competitive spirit – and threatened my newfound addiction to being the center of attention. It is entirely possible that this kid is going to become a distraction of some sort. So, in a feeble and pathetic attempt to hold your continued attention and not be outdone by what will undoubtedly be the most ridiculously adorable arrival on Lorainn Ave, tonight I am announcing a new feat: I plan to scale Mount Kilamanjaro while simultaneously donating a kidney to the Red Cross and reciting Maya Angelou poems (from memory) until they give me a Nobel Prize. It’s either that or I’m going to start throwing tantrums and spitting up my food. It’s your choice, people.

In the meantime, thanks again, I had a great time with all of you and hope to see you all again soon.

Peace, Andrew

Eighteen weeks


Let the Grandma’ing begin



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