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34 weeks

Yellow room, part two

Major progress since the weekend — we now have a changing table:

And a crib (!):

And more talented friends — with this beautiful blanket arriving from Aunt Sara in yesterday’s mail:

A yellow room

Minus the “How much longer to go” question, the next most common thing we’re asked these days is whether we have everything ready. That would be a no. But thanks to E, we finally moved from using the yellow room as a storage unit to the start of an actual nursery.


Empty room:

An organized closet:

Next up … finishing the crib. Thanks, E!

Baby Shower-ish

We didn’t let a little blizzard in D.C. (15+”) stop us from having a baby shower. Once we finally made it back to Wisconsin (four days later than planned) we proceeded, unfortunately, without our guests. A big thank you to Grandma in Cascade for all her planning and to everyone we wanted to see but missed.  

Academy Awards

I love the Oscars. Every year, I have the all out party — the ballots, themed food, games and prizes.  Below are some pictures from the 2009 bash. When they were on Sunday, Feb. 20.

This year, the 82nd annual Academy Awards fall two weeks later –on Sunday, March 7. Which just happens to be my due date.

This year, I mean it

Besides get no sleep, change a gazillion diapers and all that kind of fun stuff, these are the things I want to do so much this year that I’m committing them to writing. They generally fall in the self, house and work categories, but are in no particular order below.

  • Be more organized – Likely the most amusing resolution on this list to anyone who has seen my desk at home, our basement storage room or our living room post-wedding. If I had just had a system …
  • Pay off more of the bad debt – Made good progress last year, but would be really nice to be done paying for fun had 1999-02.
  • Do a real home inventory – And update our insurance to go with what we really have.
  • Read 50 books in 2010 – Probably the second most amusing goal, particularly to anyone who has ever had a newborn.
  • Return to running – My tentative plan is to begin slowly in June, starting with a to-be-determined 5K, progressing to a short duathlon in July, a 75-mile or century bike ride at the Livestrong Challenge in August, a TBD half-marathon in the early fall, followed by, I hope, after deferring two years straight, completing the Marine Corps Marathon in late October.
  • Improve social media-ness – I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and use Tweetdeck. I’m on GoodReads and Daily Mile (which is on hiatus until April or so for me) I remember every other week or so that I set up my Google Reader and I like it (but need to add more publications I regularly follow to it.) But mostly, I need to be more consistent about using them, about how I use them and learning more about how to use them to my advantage.

New Year’s Eve

12/31/09 kicked off with a Mrs. Prindable’s delivery for me from AEWK, Riley, Daisy and .7 … although there was discussion of there being one for each month in 2010, it seems unlikely these will even make it through 12 days of the new year. So yummy we never made it to the fondue for dessert.

Riley resolving to beg less in 2010? Doubtful.

Filet mignon with balsamic and goat cheese, twice-baked potatoes, asparagus.

A repeat of this for the next decade would be perfect — but with some years mixed in with real wine in place of the sparkling apple cider.

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