Needed: Playlists

With more from the no-idea-what-to-expect category, I find myself struggling to develop my home-hospital playlists. Many of those I have seen are mainly relaxation music, which very well might be the right approach but also strike me as potentially very annoying. Same goes for the “baby” playlists — just because it’s in the title doesn’t mean that’s what I want to hear. And finally, someone advised not to put any absolute favorite song on the list, just in case it makes it hard to ever hear the song again. Confidence-inspiring.

So my general approach is to come up with two playlists — one that is more relaxed and calm, and one that is more what I would consider marathon music.

List #1 Samples
1) The Rollercoaster Ride, Belle & Sebastian
2) Don’t Panic, Coldplay
3) Someday the Waves, Iron & Wine
4) After All or Playing to the Firmament, etc., Dar Williams
5) Halo, Beyonce

List #2 Samples
1) So What, Pink
2) Hey Soul Sister, Train
3) I’ll Work for Your Love, Bruce Springsteen
4) All These Things I’ve Done, The Killers
5) Boom Boom Pow, BEP

Please comment with suggestions — with enough help, I might be able to get these loaded during the impending Snowpacolypse.

2 Responses to “Needed: Playlists”

  1. 1 Erin February 11, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Ok, here it goes:

    Recently-added Running/Marathon music:
    ~Adam Lambert, Whaddya Want from Me
    ~Kesha, Tic Tok
    ~Rihanna, JayZ, & Kanye, Run This Town
    ~KT Tunstall, Hold On
    ~B Rich, Whoa Now
    ~Offspring, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid
    ~Kings of Leon, Use Somebody and Sex on Fire
    ~Paramore, CrushCrushCrush
    ~Lady GaGa, Bad Romance
    ~The White Tie Affair, Candle (Sick and Tired)
    ~David Guetta, Sexy Chick
    ~JT and Timbaland, Carryout

    My go-to relaxing/writing music (also very suitable for lullabying baby Willanies):
    ~George Winston (Anything, but the album December is my fav)
    ~Michael Massey, Be Careful How You Say Pianist (album, all)
    ~Vicky Emerson (Any album, all)
    ~Andrea Bocelli
    ~Jim Brickman

  2. 2 Matt G February 24, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    I know Jack Johnson is an acquired taste for some, but the Curious George soundtrack has been good to us in the “baby genre.” My big issue is finding kid-friendly hip hop 😉 We also got a few of the Rockabye Baby CDs which are pretty rad, but sometimes a little weird.

    We have all sorts of stuff once you have to worry about things that won’t drive you nuts, but that don’t feature f-bombs.

    I am such a nerd that I made a ride home playlist for the day we got to bring Theo home – I’d suggest this as a place to stash all the songs you “do” really like, but didn’t want to ruin.

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