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Two weeks

In her second week, Ellie …

  • Met her Grandma Mary, who said Ellie was just like the flowers on the cherry tree in the front yard.
  • Lost her belly button (discovered by Dad.)
  • Had her second weight check and was moving in the right direction at 7 lbs, 11 oz.
  • Spent some quality middle-of-the-night time with Dad watching This Old House.
  • Took her first walk.
  • Met more D.C. aunts and uncles, including Karen and Deanna and Steve.


With Grandma from Cascade and Grandma Mary.

First walk.

Seven days of Ellie

Happy one-week-old birthday, Ellie!

In one week, Ellie has:

  • Kept four adults (Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa Fonder) busy with an all-hands-on-deck approach to keep up with her.
  • Had her first visitors in the hospital on her second night in the world … Kelly Berens, Anne & Andrew Hanson.
  • Had Grandma & Grandpa Fonder drive from Wisconsin to see her on her first night home.
  • Expressed her opposition to being in the world by emitting what has become known as the Ellie-goose call.
  • Hiccuped. A lot.
  • Had her first trip to the pediatrician.
  • Had her first sponge bath.
  • Became an expert swaddle escape artist.
  • Received lots of presents including a March Madness fruit bowl from Erin & Aaron, flowers and yummy food from Sam & Jen, flowers from Ellen & Oliver and her first shopping spree courtesy of Great Uncle Jordan and Great Aunt Kelly.
  • Met Daisy & Riley, who are protective and curious, respectively, about the newest member of their pack.
  • Met her first Hill auntie, Mary, who brought Miss E some great Badgers and Packers socks and new books.  
  • Had her first calm-ish night leading into her one-week-old birthday.  

Ellie’s arrived

Eleanor Ann Kaye
8:18 pm
7 lbs, 14.6 oz
20 inches
Daddy’s email announcement sent 3.18.10:

Last night, Eleanor Ann Kaye finally made her worldwide debut.  We’re
calling her Ellie.

A small band of one—7 pounds 15 ounces and 20 inches long—she spent
about 28 hours refusing to budge.  No doubt only the first of many
instances in which she’ll stick it to the man.

Melanie is remarkable.  Everyone is healthy.

Thanks to all for the kind words and wishes.  Looking forward to you
having the chance to meet our little EAK!

With Dr. Potts, who was with us for the first 26 (or so) hours. Nurse Paulette was with us most of the day on the 17th, too.

Our delivery team: Dr. Foster, our doula LaShawn and nurse Tanya.

41 weeks, 2 days (are we done yet?)

An extra week …

Will catch you up on the Netflix queue and a few of the Oscar winners. Below, are the six movies we watched and how we rank them. Note: I generally liked my top four, while Anson has not yet labeled any of them as good movies, but says: “It is possible that I will end up liking Frost/Nixon but I haven’t decided yet. It’s also possible that I won’t.”

  • Crazy Heart / AK: 4  / MF: 3
  • The Hurt Locker/ AK:  2   / MF: 1
  • Up in the Air / AK: 3   / MF: 2
  • Frost/Nixon / AK:  1   / MF: 4
  • Doubt / AK:  6   / MF: 6
  • The Bank Job / AK:  5   / MF: 5

40 weeks, three days

Turns out you really like your current set-up and appear to be in no rush to leave. However, this is a friendly notice that you must vacate the premises … soon.

And, since I’ve had a little extra time to clean/organize/catch up this week, I’ve added all the missing sonogram photos that were never posted. A review:


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