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Two-month appointment

Mom is still traumatized from the shots, so just the stats from today’s belated two-month appointment:

11 lbs, 1 oz.
22.5 inches



All is well!

P.A.C.E. moms

One of the best things that was recommended to me when I was pregnant was to join a new Mom group, and specifically, in Washington, D.C., a P.A.C.E. group. I’m so glad I did. I remember the first day and how it was the first real outing with myself and Miss E. How long it took to get ready. To time everything. To not forget anything in the diaper bag.  How we had the cutest outfit on. Until she spit up all over it. And then we had the second cutest outfit on. Until it was the biggest diaper blowout ever. And then how we finally just went, in a regular onesie, but it was fine, because we were out the door.  This week, as we went to our last formal meeting, I thought about that first drive, and how, even though it was only 10 minutes away, it was forever, because she might scream the whole way. (She didn’t.) And while it has only been about two months, it might as well have been a different person who accompanied E to that last meeting. It was like we had been comfortable forever.

Here are all the P.A.C.E babies this week. We’re going to keep meeting, I hope, for a long time.

Getting some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s

I’m pretty hesitant to write this down anywhere because I’m sure it will probably jinx our luck.  But, Miss E has had a few amazing weeks of sleep, ranging anywhere from seven to nine hours most nights. Nine. The first time she hit nine hours, her Dad was working in Nevada and we were visiting family in Wisconsin. She must have known I was nervous about the “single” parenting.

She’s also managed to stick to her schedule pretty much anywhere — at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Wisconsin, visiting my college roommates in Door County for a night, at a GMMB work conference at another hotel. And sadly for me, in her crib,where we moved her from the bassinet in our room to her own room tonight for the first time.

Two months!

E is turning into a little person in her second month, with a much more predictable schedule. Mornings are for stretching and smiling, middays are for seeing the world, eating and snoozing, evenings are for a little fussbucketness and then lots of sleeping. She is most frequently compared to delicious food items by her Dad who says she’s a whole wheat ravioli or smells like a freshly baked pound cake.

Aunt Janet gives E a “Light of Learning” as part of her graduation weekend from Mount Mary.

See E’s May pictures here and her special guest appearance at Aunt Janet’s graduation festivities here.

What’s new for E at two months (we’re going by the 17 date, since it is harder to keep track of the weeks):

  • Stayed with her Grandma Mary for a night so Mom and Dad could have their first night out … dinner for Dad’s birthday.
  • Took her first flight from BWI to Milwaukee to see Aunt Janet graduate from college and meet lots of family.
  • Loved spending time in her bouncy seat, watching the monkey and waterfall lights.
  • If the monkey didn’t have her attention, her pots on the kitchen ceiling surely did.
  • Tracked toys like a hawk, especially the blue elephant — who she sometimes batted and successfully connected with.
  • Still didn’t like getting in the car seat, but usually settled down once she spied her little yellow bird.
  • Got used to some time on her tummy every day and got stronger at lifting her head and looking around.
  • Found her hand and discovered how delicious it was.
  • Slept like a champion baby the first night her Dad left for a two-week work trip — seven hours straight!

Mother’s Day 2010

My amazing photographer friend Pat Ryan came over to do a Mother’s Day photo shoot. We love how they turned out! Happy happy Mother’s Day.


A few quirks and bits of personality are starting to emerge. Every morning is the best.morning.ever. The only thing better? When this Kiddopatumus comes off and E can stretch out. Finally.

And while she is generally pretty happy, E doesn’t much care for being put in the car seat. Until she spies the most interesting yellow bird that has ever been seen.

Babies, Inc.

At Ellie’s first official date last weekend with sweet baby James, we got the great news that our hosts (and fantastic photographer Joel) are due later this year.

For a first date, things went pretty well.

Mostly, E slept.

I mean, what did you expect me to do?


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