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She’s telling you a story

Nanny sharing

E had her first few hours with her nanny Rani today and met her new friend, baby M, whom she’ll share her days with starting in a few weeks. She was snoozing when I arrived back (early) to pick her up and according to Rani, had a perfectly fine time — napping, eating and staring at her new friend. She did much better than her Mom.

Father’s Day 2010

At brunch in Georgetown with Daddy and some of my favorite Wisconsin friends.

Sizing that funny British photographer up. (Many thanks to Joel for the excellent pictures.)

We are pretty sure Joel captured her first giggle … a delighted gurgling sound at the sight of silly faces from her bearded friend Doug.

E was hungry but not interested in this bottle for quite some time. Daddy’s patience won out.

Another great day.

Happy First Father’s Day!!!


Ellie started a scrapbook for her Daddy she can add to with a page of what they’ve done together that year.


And a silly mousepad that says what she thinks of things.

Menu Plan 6/21

Monday — Homemade pizza & salad

Tuesday — Chicken parmesan & vegetable

Wednesday — Dinner from our good friend Mary!

Thursday — Black bean tostadas and rice

Friday — Grilled cheese & tomato soup

Saturday — Out for CR’s birthday extravaganza!

Three months!

In her third month:

  • E survived her first cold or allergies, we’re not sure which. But she was a champion and better in just a few days. Her parents fared much worse, being knocked down for almost a week.
  • E rolled over, a grand total of three times, a feat she has since decided she is done showing off.
  • She decided her hand is the most tasty thing there is.
  • E is much more talkative generally, ooh’ing and ah’ing and letting us know what she thinks about things.
  • She vigorously wants to sit up and inspect everything, whether in her bouncy seat, the swing or the bath.
  • She has spied both dogs and is generally impressed by the largeness of their heads. She does not mind their licks one bit.
  • Visits included Grandma from Cascade and Big E from Madison. E also went into GMMB to say hello to her Dad at work.
  • She slept most nights like clockwork, falling asleep around 8 and sometimes sleeping as long as nine hours straight. 
  • E likes hearing a few books every day, particularly Clifford the Big Red Dog and 10 Minutes Till Bedtime.
  • Her Dad says she looks more like a blueberry M&M than a whole wheat ravioli these days. We’re not entirely sure what that means.

Happy one quarter year!

See more June pictures here.

Getting ready for back to the grind

In one month from today, I’ll head back to work. A month sounds like a long time, but then when I think about how fast the last three have gone, I know it will be here too soon.

I had huge plans of Things to Get Done for this leave, which was kind of silly to begin with, since showering/eating healthy-ish meals/having clean clothes all now count as Major Accomplishments. Still, a surprising number of projects lingering around forever (wedding thank you’s!) and house improvements (dog fence!) have been completed.

Now, I’m trying to think about how people accomplish all of these day-to-day things, plus some of the ongoing larger projects, while maintaining friendships and relationships, and exercising, and add in work. Without losing their minds. Yikes. Among the suggestions:

  • Cheat. Do just what you absolutely need to do and let the rest go.
  • Hire as much out as you can.
  • Set out the whole week’s clothes, including shoes and accessories, on Sunday, so you know you have everything you need and don’t have to think about it.
  • Meal planning. Plan out your meals and prep everything for lunches that you can on Sunday. Prep everything on Sunday to make that week’s dinners in 15 minutes or less.
  • Get up earlier than God to work out.

So, mamas (and papas)? What are your other tips for easing the transition and getting through the work weeks? What other systems have you tried that have or haven’t worked? Is there anything you wish you knew or had done differently when you returned to work?

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