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Four month stats

13 lbs, 4 oz.
24.5 inches

And pretty much in the 50th percentile for everything. As the doctor said: “Perfect!”

Four little ladies

Very brave parents Sam and Jen brought their three little girls to Silver Spring (DRIVING from Boston) for a weekend visit to meet Miss E. We all had a great visit — even though it turned out to be one of the hottest weekends of the year, severely limiting our outside plans.

Abby, Katie, Emma, Ellie

Silly parents and Daisy

Abby at the Playseum

The shark on the Discovery Communications building. Emma noted sharks “don’t live on land!”

Katie, two months; Ellie, four months.

Tolerating scritchy kisses.

Four months!

In her fourth month, E has turned into a little (giant) person and has:

  • Giggled.
  • Started vocalizing a lot more.
  • Continued to believe her hand is the most tasty thing there is — but began to check out her feet as though they might be in the running.
  • Never wants to just stay sitting, and instead, leans up from her swing or her bouncy seat like she’s trying to go somewhere.
  • Begun drooling vociferously and preparing for the arrival of her teeth. (Which also meant her formerly stellar night sleeping schedule became less stellar.)
  • Dozed through some exciting World Cup matches.
  • Tolerated D.C.’s record-breaking temps by sleeping in the basement.
  • Had her first itsy bitsy yoga class with Daddy.
  • Visited the U.S. Capitol for the first time, courtesy of her Aunt Kelly, for a Capitol Fourth.
  • Had her longest car ride to date … four hours or so to New York City.
  • Met her Grandpa Sandy who gave her a Pooh bear that was just about E-sized.
  • Regularly noticed the two giant dogs who come around to check on her.
  • Spent several half days with her new friend, baby M, and nanny Rani.
  • Started going full-time to the nanny as Mom returned to work at the four-month mark.

Woah! Who is that?!?

Mom’s first day back to work.

Pooh-sized E.

See June photos here and July photos here. Happy four months!

An unexpected first

E was just finishing breakfast when the room started to shake. I thought, that feels like an earthquake … but earthquakes don’t happy in Silver Spring. First I sent a note to your Dad, traveling in Nevada, at 5:08 a.m. that said: “We just had what I imagine what an earthquake feels like….maybe only 10 seconds but strange.”

Then I received this email:

The U.S. Geological Survey says an earthquake happened at exactly 5:04:49 a.m.  

Preliminary reports from USGS said it was a 3.6.   

The epicenter was located near Gaithersburg.

Sent to All users (E-mail accounts) through Alert Montgomery… powered by the Roam Secure Alert Network


Bright lights

E made her first trip to the Big Apple this weekend where she met her Grandpa Kaye for the first time. He reports they had some very deep philosophical conversations.

While E & Grandpa talked, we headed to a fancy wedding at a castle for the future mayor of NYC.

A Capitol Fourth

E’s first Fourth of July. Resting up before the big show.

Studying the architecture of the U.S. Capitol before her first trip inside.

Best seats on the National Mall for the concert and fireworks.

Some dignified eating in the Speaker’s (air-conditioned) conference room in patriotic outfit #2.

Made it through the very beginning of the concert. Maybe E will stay up for fireworks next year.

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