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Halloween 2010

The expression pretty much sums it up.

A teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny, tiny bit better. Perhaps because I see some other small people under similar duress.

How long do we have to keep this up for?

First Halloween party with all the babies from our moms group.

With her best bud Mila Peanut.

And her big sister Lily.

With Ella at our street’s block party.

With Julia-bug.

With Seelye-bug.

All right, now she’s getting used to this weird thing.

The courage of a lion

White House Garden Tour

Aunt Janet and E had their first White House trip this weekend for a garden tour. Beautiful weather and a great day!

Butler’s Orchard

Butler’s Orchard 2009.

Butler’s Orchard 2010. (Good thing Dad wore the same shirt!)

Six-seven month update

A little behind, but in the past two months, Ellie has:

  • Sat up … and stayed up.
  • Loves to “stand” with help.
  • Had her first real food.
  • Grabs and holds onto whatever strikes her interest, but especially noses, glasses and necklaces.
  • Had her six-month doctor’s visit, where all was well. Weighed in at 14.7 pounds and was 25 inches long.
  • Had her first night alone with Dad, when Mom went on her first overnight work trip.
  • Took her second trip to Wisconsin, with Mom for a work trip.
  • Got to spend some serious quality time with Aunt Janet, who is visiting and interning through December.
  • Kept rolling and rolling and rolling some more.
  • Talks loudly about her day.
  • Rarely cries, but also frequently appears very serious.
  • Loves to see other babies, kids, dogs and cats (lucky considering the zoo at 10015.)
  • Sleeps solidly most nights, except when teething, from 7 to 7ish.
  • Took her first jog — four miles through Sligo Creek Park — in the jogging stroller.
  • Still runs her legs, all the time.
  • Made her first visit to the White House for a garden tour.

See all the photos from her six month session with the talented Kipp Burgoyne here.

See September photos here.
See October photos here.

Happy seven months, little bean!

Finally food!

Talking to dad

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