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Bouncing around the room

Pretty sure we’re not done with this bouncer quite yet.

Welcome, Amelia!

Baby Griz made her long-awaited debut just over a week ago, on Friday, Jan. 14. We can’t wait to meet her!

Returning to work … or not

A few posts circulating today — here and here — reminded me that one of my best decisions since returning to work has been … not to make any fast decisions.

While I’m not quite “in the groove” I want to be in yet, I am light years away from the frazzled person racing from work to nanny share to doggie daycare to a house without power in one of those first weeks back to work.

10 months!

Now E has officially been “out” as long as she was “in.” Ten months in and she’s:

  • Almost standing on her own, pulling up on anything and everything;
  • Took her third trip on an airplane to Wisconsin;
  • Celebrated her first Christmas, at home in Silver Spring and again in Wisconsin. Her favorite thing was the wrapping paper;
  • Peed on her dad twice in the last month;
  • Still has no teeth;
  • Got her first (Prince Valiant) haircut from Aunt Janet;
  • Loves her Puffs…and saw her aim (previously at about 30 percent) skyrocket to pretty much 100 percent;
  • Loves hearing from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses” from her papa every night;
  • Makes noises like a tiny mastodon while she is roaming around;
  • Accelerates into incredible and unexpected bursts of speed when crawling, particularly when mama arrives at the end of a day; and
  • Planted what we believe was her first kiss on her mommy’s cheeks.

Happy 10 crazy fast months, little bean!


Given that one of my goals for this year is to post here more frequently — with more than just photos, it’s pretty clear I’m not off to the fastest start on the writing front. But, for 2011, here’s what I hope is what’s next:

  • Write here more. It’s almost E’s ONE year mark, which is crazy. Not only is the baby book not done (as in not one. single. page done), the only photos that are actually printed out are those on the refrigerator and the 10 in the month by month frame. While there are a lot of picture posts from 2010, it’s turning out that this is the most frequently updated record of E’s firsts, likes, dislikes, friends and family. So I want to do more here this year, especially with some of my favorite “new mama” advice that tends to come up over and over again among my friends and co-workers who are new moms. 
  • Run more. My 2010 dailymile report says that I logged 232 miles last year — with a whopping 77 of them in December. My goals for this year feel ambitious but doable to me: run my second marathon, log more than 500 miles and an as-yet unidentified time goal that I will set for the second half of the year. If I stay on track with training over the next few weeks, I plan to (slowly) run (fingers, toes crossed) the National Marathon at the end of March.  
  • Read more. I’m sticking with the 50 goal I made last year and was nowhere near making. Still, this year it seems like I have slightly more time to read with a (fingers, toes crossed) baby who sleeps pretty consistently and regularly.
  • Keep organizing. We made some pretty good house progress last year — much of it necessitated by needing baby spaces.  (Yay! A living room with a couch not eaten by a dog!) I want to continue that this year, especially by finishing clearing and organizing our basement/storage areas and finishing a quest to safely store all our “important papers” and information.
  • Money matters.  I mentioned last year that I had a ways to go on paying off for fun mostly generated from college credit card debt. Luckily, that is out of the way — and is a situation I want to never be in again. So now, I feel like I need to make up for the years spent trying to pay off the stupid debt — emergency fund, retirement, E’s college, etc.


First haircut!

By who other than Aunt Janet? Jan. 1, 2011.

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