11 months!

I’m pretty sure the months have been speeding up the closer we get to one year. Aside from fighting off her first real cold — which aside from some trouble sleeping didn’t really bother E all that much — this has been another month of big progress, most notably — a first word!

  • (Thankfully) there is no competition between “mama” and “dada” like it seems many friends have had … sticking with her theme of waving (bending at 90 degrees at the wrist) to everyone and anyone she sees, E has added a simple, yet emphatic: “hi” to her signature move. She loves waving and saying “hi” first thing in the morning and pretty much every time she sees a new person.
  • Finally, teeth! Two tiny front bottom teeth poked through this past weekend.
  • Saw her Green Bay Packers win her first Superbowl! (Well, not really, because she was asleep … but still participated in the pre-game festivities.)
  • Among her most frightening new talents: stair climbing! E loves to power her way up the stairs at our house (with expert spotting) — particularly if she has seen her mama head that way.
  • Thumbs up/thumb war. We’re not sure which it is, but she has definitely discovered how her thumb works and spends a lot of time either approving of everything or preparing for a thumb war.
  • Gave her daddy an Ergo for her first Valentine’s Day so they can keep up the exploratory walks for many pounds to come.
  • Hosted a great baby brunch with her new friend Abby.
  • Thisclose to walking. E has been pulling up on anything and everything for some time, and has now added standing hands-free to her repertoire. We know what’s next and are scrambling to finish the baby-proofing.

 We are a little behind on the photos, but see January photos here and February photos here.

Happy 11 months, little E!

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