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Never getting this back (wordless Wednesday)


I’m hesitant to post this, because “Dadd-AAAA” is on his first night of a trip, but I do want it to be clear that this was ALL E was interested in — the whole ride home and the early part of the evening: “Dadd — AAAA.”


Braveheart (wordless Wednesday)


So last July, up early with E, I thought, huh: “Is that an earthquake?” Yes, funny, because it was small, strange and interesting.

Which is why when those rumbles started up again today while I was sitting at my desk at GMMB a few miles away from the National Cathedral. On the sixth floor. With floor to ceiling windows. I did. not. freak. out. AT ALL. Not with the rumbles the first few seconds. I just thought: that’s an earthquake.

But then, with the swaying of the building and shaking of the huge pane of glass that is directly next to my chair, there was some possibly a teeny little bit of freaking out. And running to the hallway, where everyone else on my floor did the same (until we evacuated to the park across the street on a beautiful Washington afternoon.)

Turns out we had a 5.8 earthquake this time, which to this Midwesterner-never-felt-that-before didn’t seem like something to scoff at. Oh, and the Washington area hasn’t had one this strong since 1897.

Side note: considering no one was hurt and no significant damage occurred anywhere, it was pretty stunning that neither Verizon or AT&T networks were working for us to call out for some time afterwards. That said, one major difference from the lack of a phone from 9/11 is that we were able to post on Facebook and Twitter immediately and continuously. (We weren’t alone.)

Babies in Silver Spring were all napping at the time. Probably just felt like one giant bouncy seat to the under two crowd.

Here’s the only destruction we found upon our arrival home:

“Mom” & other 17-month updates

Finally, on Sunday while E was sitting in her high chair, I heard a very quiet: “Mom.” So quiet, I wasn’t even sure she said it. So I said it back. She said it back again, with a little smile. Then I said it again, and clapped. She said it again and again. I whooped and clapped until she said it again. And we’ve pretty much been repeating this routine ever since.

  • Other favorite words include: shoe, apple, owl (dada somehow taught her this one) and “ut” (out) while banging a little hand on the door
  • Tooth count: 6! Two on the top, two on the bottom, and one on each side in the way back.
  • Sleep habits: Sadly, dropped the morning nap sometime in the last month or so. And, her typical 6:40-7:00 a.m. wake-up is now more like 6:00 a.m.
  • Favorite foods include: spinach lasagna, macaroni and cheese (where we now at least attempt to sneak in a vegetable or two), eggs, peaches, bananas and anything she can smear all over the table and/or face (i.e. applesauce)
  • Favorite activities: reading reading reading, going to the library, dancing and anything where she can watch older kids

Make it Monday: Ribbon Corkboard for Bows

For our wedding, I used four frames  covered in Paper Source paper and ribbons to use as hangers for our name cards.

I saw a similar idea earlier this year on Baby Makin(g) Machine and even though E doesn’t have quite as many bows, it would still be better than shoving them all in her changing table drawer.

What you need:

  • Corkboard (or large picture frame)
  • Paper or fabric to cover corkboard
  • Ribbon
  • Duct tape
  • Clear thumbtacks
  • Hook and nails

1) Cover the corkboard or frame in paper or fabric using the duct tape to hold it in place. I used leftover paper from our wedding booklets and a corkboard that was sitting in the basement gathering dust.

2) Attach several ribbons horizontally across the corkboardor frame, again using the duct tape on the back.

3) Attach a hook to the back of the corkboard or frame (if yours doesn’t already have one.)

4) Add clear thumbtacks in center of ribbons so they don’t sag once the bows are clipped on.

5) Clip on bows and it’s ready to hang up!

Montgomery County Fair

We had a great visit to the Montgomery County Fair today with our neighbors. E couldn’t get enough of the ducks and geese. She also loved the chickens, ponies, sheep, cows and rabbits.

EAK’s first memorandum


Nnnmjnhyu kibok,mnjh8mg veh jcxvuoossssssssssssssssssssssssssosx Fb5n5njm`516

Tapped out recently while helping her Daddy do some work. Brilliant! 

Brunching with new nanny share friends

Yes, this is going to go very well. E with her new friend M.

What do you know about Olivia? Nothing? I thought so.

Sweet baby C.

An amazing series

I’ve been listening to all summer on NPR — Beginnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond

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