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EAK’s first memorandum


Nnnmjnhyu kibok,mnjh8mg veh jcxvuoossssssssssssssssssssssssssosx Fb5n5njm`516

Tapped out recently while helping her Daddy do some work. Brilliant! 

Brunching with new nanny share friends

Yes, this is going to go very well. E with her new friend M.

What do you know about Olivia? Nothing? I thought so.

Sweet baby C.

An amazing series

I’ve been listening to all summer on NPR — Beginnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond

Musical genius

Clearly, from the new piano usage.

The business of babies

Wayyyyyyyyy back on maternity leave (more than a year ago!), I kept thinking about how there were so many things that were different/harder/more complicated as a result of being a brand-new Mom in D.C., versus what it might be like in Madison or Milwaukee. Some of it was probably true, some of it not, but the proximity to family and reallyclosefriends during those first few months was something I missed. 

Just as having a PACE group and lots of great coworkers moms to tap into, I kept coming back to the same idea: I wish I had a singular resource that linked me to all the local resources I wanted to navigate easily in Washington, D.C. from pregnancy to parenthood:

  • Pregnancy classes
  • Registry preparation (without the overwhelming Buy Buy Baby trip)
  • Child safety classes
  • Car seat installation
  • Breastfeeding resources
  • Activities to do on leave with a newborn
  • Best local online resources
Which is why, a few weeks ago, I kicked myself when I read about this exact growing trend.

New piano

Blurry because E’s dancing so fast.

Books of the Month Club – August 2011

We only recently started making library visits part of E’s routine – mainly due to the extensive collection she built up as part of the “bring a favorite book” baby shower we had – but she already loves diving right into the stack of 10 new books mixed in with her collection each week.

This will be a regular post to list a few of the bookworm’s favorites and give a snapshot of what she’s interested in at the moment:

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