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Halloween 2011

Boo at the Zoo, 10.22.11

Just moments before those tickets in Grandma’s hand went missing.

Neighborly lion and princess. 

Tickets were found!

Neighborhood costume crafting.

Trick or treat! 10.31.11 with Ladybug M. E was far more into the actual trick or treating than we expected this year, marching right up to doors, tapping on them and then, depending on the house — taking or giving — some candy. We went up and down our block this year. 


E has been taking music classes for a few weeks. For the most part, they have gone over as well as swim class …. except that she sings some of the songs at home, so we’re going to keep going for at least one more round. Here are a few clips from our most recent class, with Grandma, and then with baby M and E hugging.


Grandma, part 1

A week with grandma Susie. A lot of walking. 

A few great trips to the Noyes Library for Young Children


Some excellent singing with Mr. Gabe (who incredibly ALSO knows “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.”)

And some good dancing in music class

Thank you, Grandma Susie! Come back and do that again soon! 



A great week with grandma

Grandma Susie visited for a whole week while our nanny was home with family in India. More to follow, but best. week. ever.

Kisses for Anders


We had a quick visit with Uncle Anders, who was in D.C. for work.

Grumpy but facing the camera. 

A gaggle of Kaye’s. 

You look like my daddy. You sound like my daddy…still slightly skeptical. 

But kisses for Anders!

Top of the heap

The long-awaited Adventure Playground at Wheaton Regional Park is open, where E climbed the mountain over and over and over again.

And checked out the big kid slide.

Rode Clifford. 

And this guy.

Balanced her balance.

And chilled with her friend Mackey.

Butler’s Orchard 2011

Big enough for the Pumpkin Festival this year at Butler’s Orchard

And a pony ride. 

This tall.

In the pumpkin patch. 

Rocking out with Aunt Kelly.

Do not even think about removing this deliciousness. 

Kaye Family, 10.8.11. Check out 2010 and 2009 Butler’s Orchard trips here.  

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