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1st Visit from the Tooth Fairy

After months of seemingly *everyone* else losing a tooth, Ellie’s first tooth finally fell out after a little wiggling and iPad-watching on a Saturday morning, January 30, 2016. She just yelled, “My tooth fell out!”

p.s. The going rate? $5 for the first tooth, $1 after that.


The best video to get on the road

Starting kindergarten, leaving my mom friends

More to come on Ellie’s kindergarten start, but here’s a post I wrote about it for The Washington Post. And here is a video from the night referenced in the post.



To Ellie:

How is it possible you are five?!?

You have had an amazing birthday month — a “Camp S’mores” birthday with some of your best friends with nearby birthdays, a birthday sleepover with your bestie (Mira), a traditional birthday shamrock shake, and a friends & family birthday brunch at your house where you got your first two-wheeler bike.

Five years ago, we knew nothing about babies. Never mind having the wrong car seat to bump home from the hospital in or why in your very beginning all night, every night, you shrieked like a goose. (Ah-EEEEE!) You have taught us the very best about everything.

Some of the things we want to remember about you at five:

–Every night you read five books and one “special” book OR you read two chapters of your longer books, like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz.
–Every night you want one of us to hold hands — two minutes at the top of your bed and five “LONG” minutes (until you fall asleep) at the bottom.
–You love your baby sister Finley something fierce, even though she pulls your hair.
–You don’t see your first friend — Mila — as often as you like, but when you do, the two of you have an understanding all your own. You have a belly laugh with Mila you have with no one else.
–You love art, and always want to draw — when you wake up, when you are eating, and in the car. You started taking art classes at Create Arts Center this year, and every Sunday after class you get a Nutella crepe at Fenton Cafe.
–You have a tribe of very close friends — Eve, Lucy, and Tegan — and a best friend whom you love, Mira. All of the parents are bracing for September, when you will all head to different kindergartens.
–You still call the sunset “the pretty,” which is just about the best description ever.
–Like your parents, you are a night owl and a sleepyhead in the morning. 

Love you, baby girl.


Camp S’Mores Birthday Party

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