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Itsy-bitsy yogi


E began her yoga practice this week at Willow Street Yoga’s itsy-bitsy class. At just under six weeks old, she was the youngest in her class but kept up with no trouble. She surprised everyone during tummy time by scooting forward in a half-rock crawl.

Swinging away…

And loving the mobile:

One-month appointment

At her one-month appointment, Ellie weighed in at 9 lbs, 7 oz., was 21 inches long and was proclaimed “very social” by her pediatrician. All of her measurements were in the range they should be for the first month. And she stayed smiley throughout the whole appointment … until she got her shot. Then it was more like this:

One month!

This has been one amazing, if blurry, month. Very slowly, we are starting to find a teeny, tiny, tip of a toe to stand on. Aside from learning all about a new person, there is a lot to learn about all the things that go with said little person. Things you don’t really think about until you need to do them or figure out something isn’t … quite … right, as you’re trying to do it. Like the difference between slow and fast nipples on bottles. Or the 74 steps (only a slight exaggeration) one must take to get the Moby wrap on, never mind trust it to hold a baby.

New in the last week:

  • Took her first bottle from Dad, with no trouble at all.
  • Had her first regular bath, which she found to be so-so.
  • Spent her first days home with just Mom and the dogs, receiving more than a few licks on the head.
  • Started a new class with Mom and a group of other new moms and babies. She only wrecked two outfits before we headed out the door.
  • Tolerated a little tiny bit of tummy time.
  • Started focusing on the mobile above her swing for minutes at a time.
  • Started a bedtime routine, which kind of, sort of worked, meaning she went to sleep between 7 and 9 p.m. five nights in a row. Now to keep sleeping until morning …

Enough with the sponge baths

It’s time for the real deal.

Not sure about this, but OK.

Is this necessary?

I’m good.

Everyone is pretty glad we got that out of the way.

First bottle

And first five-hour break for Mom in a month!

Three weeks

In her third week, Ellie …

  • Made weight, and then some, crossing the 8-pound mark for the first time at her third doctor’s appointment where she weiged 8 lbs, 4 oz.
  • Took lots of walks around the block and met most of her neighbors on Lorain Ave.
  • Saw the Cherry Blossoms in D.C.
  • Took Grandma from Cascade to the BWI airport to go home after two fantastic weeks of extra hands and experience.
  • Met Auntie Sara Bork, who came to stay for her Spring break.
  • Sent Dad off on his first work trip to Nevada.
  • Tried out some new seating arrangements … the bouncy seat, the swing, the Baby Bjorn. No Moby yet, because we’re still testing out how exactly that wrap works.

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