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Thanksgiving 2010

Solids, but not quite onto the real stuff — turkey in 2011!

This year’s gang. (Compare Augie to 2009.)

Eight months!

E-bean has had a fantastic eighth month where she:

  • Loves waving at everyone and everything she sees.
  • Had her first Halloween as a courageous lion.
  • Took her parents to Ocracoke island in the Outer Banks to celebrate her eight-month birthday and have her first vacation.
  • Took her first ferry ride.
  • Touched her little toes to the sand and in the ocean for the first time.
  • Met two of her new favorite little men, Brady and Seb.
  • Spent several mornings strolling happily around the island in the Bjorn with her daddy and Riley.
  • Saw her first horse, Molly.
  • Had lots more new flavors of food. Liked ’em all. Except maybe peas.
  • Had a few dance parties with Aunt Janet in the basement.
  • Likes to see the baby in the mirror.
  • Loves falling down from “sittin’ on a bridge” and still loves “Superbaby!”
  • Is thisclose to crawling and currently does a backward scoot (which sometimes is very frustrating.)
  • Smacks her lips for a satisfying popping sound.
  • Still loves bath time.
  • Likes to play bongo drums on the table, especially if she sees food coming.
  • Is mostly happy and will tell you her many opinions through a variation on “goy, goy, goy, goy, goy.”

Happy eight!

First day at the ocean

After Dad’s hard-fought and long-awaited victory in Nevada, we headed out for our first family vacation to one of our favorite spots: Ocracoke Island on the very southern tip of the Outer Banks.

With her trusty traveling companion.

E took her first ferry ride.

Watching the sunset with Dad. E couldn’t stop watching the water.

Which made the first time at the beach and seeing the ocean pretty sweet.

Made all the better by meeting new friend Brady.



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