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18 months


21 lbs. 9 oz.
30.5 inches
46.4 centimeters

E is still very much a peanut but moved up percentage-wise on both height and weight to be in the double digits for both. Shots down for six more months.

Favorite 18-month-old activity … reading, reading, reading:

Clark’s Elioak Farm

A visit to Clark’s Elioak Farm, year two. (See last year’s visit here.)

“Choo choo!”



EAK is very into the “choo-choos” these days, so we went to check out a National Capital Trackers‘ exhibit to benefit the Noyes Children’s Library






Books of the Month Club – September 2011

Some old favorites moved to the top of the pile — and one little green guy was the clear favorite. (E’s inclined to yell “Groooooogggyyyyyy” several times a day.)

Good thing we have this “Groooooogggyyyyyy:”

Big night

E doesn’t normally watch TV. Though there are two exceptions — and on this night, conveniently, both were on.

Presidential addresses. Packers. (In that order due to network scheduling.)

Touchdown! Pack wins 42-34.

Nothing to see here (wordless Wednesday)

End of summer

Glen Echo Park

E attended her very first book reading at Glen Echo Park‘s open house.

Judith Viorst of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” She was exactly the kind of author I imagined she would be. In her hat. With blue nails. And silver shoes.

Post-reading, E checked the place out.

Did some walking.

Checked out the carousel.

And the “choo-choo” /trolley.

Yobaby art

That’s it?



Annnnnnnnnd, done. 

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