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Fin at Three (And a Half) Months

So happy to report that Fin’s third month continued just like her first two, particularly as her big sister had a rough month with Lyme disease and her first antibiotic. Fin continued to be as easygoing as ever through it all, and also:

  • Rolled over for the first time, witnessed by mom and big sister, from back to front on Friday night, August 23, at 14 weeks, two days.
  • Found — and loved — her beautiful baby face in a mirror.
  • Visited her first Montgomery County Fair, sleeping through most of it.
  • Spent some time with Rani, E’s former nanny, who will also be her nanny starting next week.
  • Had her first trip to the National Zoo with her big sister.
  • Already started getting ready for her first Oscars party by “seeing” her first movie, Blue Jasmine, at the “Silver Babies” feature at AFI.
  • Continued to go on lots of runs with her mom through Sligo Creek Park.
  • Generally slept through the night from 7:30 p.m. to somewhere between 6 and 8 a.m.¬†with one or two quick feeds ¬†Amazing.
  • Remained enthralled with everything and anything related to her big sister.



IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_5992 IMG_5989


Just checking out my foot

Sitting in my mom’s lap

Fin tells you a story

Fin has been very talkative lately … it usually goes something like this.

Fin at two (and a half) months

At two months, Fin has quite simply continued to be the (knocking fiercely on wood) happiest, easiest, sleeping-est baby yet. Here are a few other updates in her first two months:

  • Took her first flight from DCA to Milwaukee to meet lots of family and go to her first wedding (great friends, neighbors and honorary aunt and uncle Kelly & James! Side note: she also slept NINE STRAIGHT HOURS after the wedding.)
  • Met her future husband, Max Celello Olver.
  • Like her big sister, loved spending time in her bouncy seat, watching the monkey, frog and waterfall lights.
  • Like every baby in the history of babies, is mesmerized by ceiling fans.
  • Furrows her brow (just. like. Daddy) when encountering new things, which, when you’re brand new, is just about everything.
  • Eats like a champ. Pretty much always fast and fierce.
  • Sleeps fairly consistently through the night, 7-7-ish, with one or two wake-ups for focused feedings.
  • Smiles and tracks her big sister like a hawk whenever she’s around.
  • Keeps trying to sit up and doesn’t mind her tummy time.
  • Seems to like running through Sligo Creek Trail with her mama.
  • Took her first toe dip in a pool with her daddy, at the YMCA.
  • Is thisclose to rolling over.


First Family Photos

First Family Photos

We went back to Brookside Gardens to follow up on our maternity pictures. Here’s a collage of a few of them. Photo credit: Anne Marie Hathcock

Turtles to giraffes

Now that E has definitely moved to her “big girl” room, we were able to redecorate F’s room. E’s old room was ready about a month before she was born while F has had to wait until she was 10 weeks old for hers.

ImageThis guy watches over the crib.

ImageHer name stool in pastel from my PACE mom friends.

ImagePainted F for her door.

ImageSweet Land of Nod suitcases to brighten the changing table organization.

ImageFell in love with this Nidhi Chanani print and may add another one to the room.

ImageWe are still looking for something to replace this turtles quilt.

ImageMoved in the carpet and the chair …

ImageAnd added the lamp (and a baby.)

Still to come: a new curtain for the closet from Grandma, window treatments and some additional storage for the closet.

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